Our company has an unparalleled 17 year track record of success in aggressively developing, deploying, and supporting e-SURETY™ and its companion products to globally recognized sureties as well as to start-up sureties.


e-SURETY™ is an HTML 5 compliant browser based application for carriers to manage and automate every aspect of commercial and contract surety underwriting, distribution, and management. Intentionally designed for carrier personnel to be able to administer every aspect of the system without being technologists, e-SURETY™ is a rules based system that allows the answer to any underwriting question to be evaluated and appropriately rated at every life cycle event; application, quote, re-quote, issuance, riders, renewals, cancellation initiation, final cancel and reinstatement. Of course, documents are produced as appropriate for each life cycle event that agents or carriers can simply print out or email to obligees or applicants.


e-SURETY™ is a modern enterprise application with benefits such as browser agnosticism with HTML5; MVC5, Entity framework 6; a well architected separation of concerns with dedicated layers for data access, business logic, and presentation. Architected specifically to leverage Azure cloud technology for scalability and security we also made sure to embed bootstrap technology for tablets and phones for near future releases.


All any agent needs is a browser and a connection to the Internet to be able to apply for or access any bond in e-SURETY™. Intentionally designed for simplicity and ease of use our clients consistently report back to us that their internal assessments rank e-SURETY™ very high in agent satisfaction – which leads to higher agent recruitment, retention and production volumes.


The e-SURETY™ Store is a unique technology that harmonizes a global Surety Marketplace™ by enabling carrier’s or their agent to provide a consumer facing collection of One Click™ surety bond offerings that processes on one or many web sites applications, payments, and documents in real time.


e-SURETY™ has extensive and powerful analytical and reporting capabilities. While powerful, these reports and analysis tools have been designed to be straight forward to use for the average end-user. Whether you need to capture a series of personal or corporate financials for individual or corporate accounts, track WIP or WOH, or create your own formula driven analysis; e-SURETY’s embedded Microsoft Excel technology is available in a multitude of end-user defined templates. Additionally, our extensive business intelligence capabilities provides you with dozens of standard user reports and allows end-users to modify or create their own reports – all exportable to a variety of formats to save locally or email to anyone you need to.


As an Enterprise solution application deployed across a number of sophisticated carriers nationwide we have extensive experience in providing data exchange or interoperability capabilities with vended systems (i.e. ImageRight®, One Shield®, Insurity®, among others) and our client’s own internally developed systems (i.e. batch printing, AR or AP flags, among others).